Originally posted on A Soul's Walk:

The stress is killing me
It feels like there are too many rocks
and too much dirt
to remove
with just my hands
to make it out of this tunnel
or even see the light
and the air is getting so thin
and I feel like I am doing this all by myself
like no one even knows I’m stuck down here.

I’m too tired to scream
the rage is burned out
there is only exhausted smoldering anger
that waits.

The grief is so heavy
and I feel so ragged
pieces of me everywhere
and how do I go on?

“Take my love.
Take my land,
Take me where I cannot stand…”

I am afraid.
I won’t make it.
There just ain’t no way
and I ain’t got much left.

My hands shake
my body twitches
I cry
in the dark.

Hear me Lord
Hear my cry
my cry is…

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