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J.Míchel Fleury:

Check out …The Mechanical Red Quill….. This piece is wonderful ..

Originally posted on The Mechanical Red Quill:

So, here comes the fall;
mistress still standing tall.
She’s so beautiful and
Breathes with the decadence
that she so demands.

Summer has died as
the winter waits on
stone train tracks
for the ice to divide.

The warmth and the cool
these leaves falling not
to soon. I’ve been waiting all year,
kept my head above the tears
to feel this free again.

Walking hot summer city streets
drinking lemonade from vines.
People dancing like cheap
wind up toys in straight lines..

But now autumn’s here
sing that sweet lullaby,
dry your tears;
just look up
to the grey cloudy skies.

Sing ”
Sweet mistress fall,.
Autumn never really goes
for good”

“Sweet mistress Fall…
Autumn never taken for granted..”

~Dizy Lizzy

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